4.102 New Orleans Chicken

Cycle 4 – Item 102

17 (Wed) April 2013

New Orleans Chicken


from E-Mart

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, LJY and her kids

E-Mart recently introduced a new fried chicken to its line of prepackaged ready-to-eat.  Compared to the standard fried chicken, it had a thinner coating (= dry) and a slightly different flavor (= bland).  It was awful, nearly inedible.  7,980 won per bird.  I’ve heard so many superlatives about the food from New Orleans, so I was sorely disappointed.  Yes, I know that this chicken has absolutely nothing to do with New Orleans; in fact, when I asked the guy behind the counter, he had no idea what “New Orleans” was.

Number One Fan LJY wanted to visit E-Mart, a tradition whenever she’s in town.  Part of it was to look around, part of it to provide B some playtime with DJ at the indoor playground there.  We all had a quick bite at the food court, got the kids set up to do their thing, and did some shopping in the meantime, which is when I picked up the chicken.  Afterwards, we went back to our place for a quick nightcap, which is when I tried the chicken.  Nobody else wanted any, fortunately for them.

Meeting each other for the first time, IZ immediately begins to boss M around, like when his father first met her mother.



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