4.248 Tandoori Chicken Breast Salad

Cycle 4 – Item 248

10 (Tue) September 2013

Tandoori Chicken Breast Salad


at Delhi

(Food Garden – Shinsegae Department Store)

-Myeong, Jung, Republic of Korea-


The current science suggests that the metabolism is so amped up after a workout and so starved for nutrients, up to thirty minutes afterwards, that eating within that window is essential to replenish those nutrients while the body is most efficient at processing them.

Immediately after my workout this evening, I had to run some errands downtown, first stop Shinsegae Department Store, so I ate dinner while I was there.  The 11th floor features a casual short-order food court.

This Tandoori Chicken Breast Salad seemed to be the only thing that came close to meeting my dietary needs.  It offered oven-roasted chicken, fresh veg, and dressing that I requested removed.

The chicken wasn’t tandoori.  I don’t know what it was.  It may have been boiled.  The meat seemed to have been brined then seasoned with sugar and soy sauce.  The pinkish color was probably food coloring.  Certainly not Indian in any way, but whatever.  6,600 won, whatever.


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