4.281 Tangpyeongchae

Cycle 4 – Item 281

13 (Sun) October 2013



by me

at home

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

After lunch, at a restaurant in a shopping center near home, I stopped by the supermarket in the basement to grab a Coke (Zero).  Pandemonium.  A store manager was in the produce section tossing out large plastic bags to frantic customers and yelling: “Fill it!  Tie it!  5,000 won!  Everything must go!  Last day!”  A couple days ago, I’d noticed that the shelves weren’t being restocked, making me suspect that something was up.  This was it.  Sold to new owners, shutting down the place for a week to renovate, liquidating fruits and veggies, in an unannounced fire sale (maybe the meats were already sold in a separate sale?), for the lucky patrons who happened to be on the premises at that moment.  Within 10 minutes, everything was gone.  Never seen anything like it.  I got in on the action, just a few minutes behind, by which point all the premium items had already been plucked, but I managed to stuff three bags full of goodies.  Funnest grocery shopping ever.

About 2/3 of the loot (MIL took 1/3); an estimated 80,000 won value (produce in Korea is super expensive) for 15,000 won; if only I’d arrived a few minutes sooner.

With the pre-made cheongpo muk packets (crappy) and mung bean sprouts (less than fresh) from the haul, I made tangpyeongchae for dinner.


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