4.350 (Better) Burritos

Cycle 4 – Item 350

21 (Sat) December 2013

(Better) Burritos


by me

at my uncle’s cabin

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with DJ, Mom

From the burrito wrap ’em pack ’em freeze ’em session a few days ago, with the addition of black beans and corn salsa, which provided a welcome tang of acid.

Much to my surprise, people still eat frogs in Korea.  Especially during the winter, when the animals are tasty – because they’re plumped up for the long hibernation – and easy to catch – because they’re sound asleep.

Last night, we received word from a neighbor who lives in the vicinity of our cabin that water could be seen dripping/leaking/pouring out from under the front door, which he happened to see on a fluke while passing by.  He was poking around the rocks in the adjacent stream bed in search of frogs.  At my mother’s behest, he let himself in with a key (he does maintenance work for us on occasion), sealed off the plumbing, and mopped up the floors.

This morning, we arrived to investigate.  I’ll skip the details, but the damage is pretty bad.  Fuck.  We just had the floors redone at considerable expense.


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