5.016 Pork Strips with Kangkong & Chinese Bagoong

Cycle 5 – Item 16

21 (Tue) January 2014

Pork Strips with Kangkong & Chinese Bagoong


at Super Bowl of China

(Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-


Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place (4) (see also TERRP)

Super Bowl of China is a Chinese restaurant.  The menu leans mainly towards Cantonese (e.g., dimsum, noodle soups), with some American dishes (e.g., beef with broccoli) and Philippine-influenced items (e.g., kangkong).

Bagoong is a Filipino condiment.  Fermented fish/shrimp paste.  Very common/popular.  Used both as a condiment straight up (e.g., with grilled items), or as a seasoning (e.g., in stir-fries).  Generally dark in appearance and thick in texture, the taste/smell can range from overwhelmingly fishy to pleasantly shrimpy.  The liquid released from the paste during the fermentation process is made into patis (fish sauce).  Unsure what “Chinese bagoong” is, whether it’s referring to the style or the country of origin.

The dish was excellent.  The kangkong was perfectly cooked, just to the point of limpness.  The bagoong provided amazing depth, much richer in flavor and fuller in mouthfeel than patis alone.  The chilies added a nice kick.  And the pork was prepared in that way, using a secret technique known only by the kitchens of Chinese restaurants, whereby the meat is soft and squishy, which is kinda nice but creepy.  Overall, it was the best meal of TERRP thus far.



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