5.194 Claypot Scallops with Vegetables & Glass Noodles

Cycle 5 – Item 194

18 (Fri) July 2014

Claypot Scallops with Vegetables & Glass Noodles


at Seafood Market & Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with CAL, CL, ME, KK, MJK, FL, DRC, AW, BB

The occasion was CAL’s birthday.

I’d taken it upon myself to organize the event, not only because she’s so great but also as a sign of gratitude for the dinners at her home that I’ve been invited to.  I also did the ordering based on my experiences at this restaurant, where the Korean WHO staff often host large group dinners for guests from out-of-town.

The food was generally pretty good, as it usually is.  This evening, however, the restaurant had an unexpected convergence of multiple large groups, depleting most of the fresh items by the time that we arrived, leaving us to improvise with whatever was left.  But everyone seemed happy in the end.

The improvisation led to some new dishes, including this egg & woodear mushroom omelet, which will be entered into the permanent rotation.



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