5.193 Beef La Mian

Cycle 5 – Item 193

17 (Thu) July 2014

Beef La Mian


at Lan Zhou La Mian

-Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with AW, et al.

Lan Zhou La Mian is a Chinese restaurant.  Located down a small back alley in Chinatown.  Specializes in la mian.

AW is one of those happy-go-lucky go-where-life-takes-him go-go-spirit kinda guys.  Not to say that he’s a hobo, just that he’s adventurous, ad hoc, ad lib.  Like the other day, he was wandering around Chinatown and ran across a random veterinary clinic and dropped in to chat (he’s a vet by training) and, during the chat, asked the guy for a restaurant recommendation and ended up at Lan Zhou La Mian.  The glass is always full.

Since then, he’s been harping on about the place, and I’ve been itching to check out Chinatown, so we went.

Deep-Fried Pork Dumplings (3.0)

The noodle soup was great.  The beef-based broth was rich in taste, yet light in texture.  The beef chunks were super tender, yet retained a touch of chewiness.  The hand-made noodles were freshly made, yet free of any flouriness/doughiness.  I must definitely come back here to try other items on the menu.



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