5.224 Grilled Fish

Cycle 5 – Item 224

17 (Sun) August 2014

Grilled Fish


by Anilao Scuba Dive Center

-Anilao, Mabini, Batangas, Philippines-

with BJH, et al.


As anticipated, breakfast was great.  Like dinner the night before, nothing special, nothing fancy, just home-cooked, home-style Korean food.  Infinitely superior to any western-style breakfast buffet at a fancy hotel anywhere.


After breakfast, two morning dives.  Lunch on the beach, followed by an afternoon dive.

On our way to the dive site in the morning, we dropped off a staff member from the dive shop at a fishing village, where she got everything ready by the time we returned in time for lunch.

Lunch was even better than breakfast.  Whereas everything tastes better after diving, good food tastes phenomenal.

In addition to the standard pork bellies and chicken, the spread included 2 grilled fish (forgot to ask what kind – snapper, maybe?).  A bit overcooked, but good.


Back in Manila by evening, we went to Seafood Market & Restaurant for dinner.

Still developing dishes to debut at the next Korean gathering, I’ve come up with a few possibilities.

Deep-Fried Tofu with Taiwanese Pechay in Oyster Sauce (3.0)
Scrambled Eggs with Black Fungus and Scallions (3.5)
Seafood Fried Rice with Green Beans in Spicy Black-Bean Sauce (4.0)

From beginning to end, it was a most satisfying Sunday.

(See also DIVING)



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