5.281 Russian Goodies

Cycle 5 – Item 281

13 (Mon) October 2014

Russian Goodies


in my room

(Crowne Plaza)

-Central Administrative, Moscow, Russia-


Mission to Russia (Day 3)

In Moscow.  Here to provide technical/legal support to Member States from the Western Pacific at the 6th Conference of the Parties (COP6) of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).  Very exciting, both as the biggest tobacco control event of the year, and my first mission outside our region.



The World Trade Center has a supermarket.  More of a glorified convenience store, shelves stocked mostly with items of the prepackaged or heat&eat variety, little in the way of fresh foods, except some fruit, bread, and a service deli with cheeses and other cold cuts.  As WTC doesn’t include any residential properties, the customer base would seem to be comprised primarily of hotel guests, event attendees, or others working within the complex, people looking for quick-fix snacks/meals.

Smoked fish!
Caviar (the cheap stuff)!
Vodka (equally well-stocked aisles for wine, beer, and whisky on the other side)!


The view from my room, at mid-afternoon.

After the first day of the conference, I dropped by the supermarket for various sundries on the way back to my hotel room.

My room.
Travel essentials.

With so much great stuff, I decided to stay in and make a meal of it.

Reminded me of that time in Barcelona (see 5.201 La Tabla Barca).

Grilled Mushrooms in Sunflower Oil (3.5)
Olivier Salad (2.5): classic Russian side dish, diced potatoes and egg and ham and pickles in mayo.

The food was quite good.  Bite-sized tidbits, everything slightly salty and/or smoky and/or vinegary, excellent accompaniments for booze, very much in the spirit of Korean anju.  The mushrooms were perfection: chewy in texture, smoky/earthy/salty in flavor.  Got kinda heavy after awhile, four of the items in oil.  But I enjoyed myself, nevertheless.

Yes, I bought the beer because of the girl.  I bought the vodka because of the vodka.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to emerge from the hotel and explore the city.

The view from my room, at mid-evening.

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