5.285 Red Mullet Fillets with Couscous

Cycle 5 – Item 285

17 (Fri) October 2014

Red Mullet Fillets with Couscous


at Real Food Restaurant

(Crowne Plaza)

-Central Administrative, Moscow, Russia-

with WHO colleagues

Mission to Russia (Day 7)

In Moscow.  Here to provide technical/legal support to Member States from the Western Pacific at the 6th Conference of the Parties (COP6) of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).  Very exciting, both as the biggest tobacco control event of the year, and my first mission outside our region.

If up to me, I wouldn’t have returned to RFR, but some of us were too tired to leave the hotel, and I didn’t feel like pushing the agenda or going off on my own, so we went with the easy, though mediocre, choice.

Everything was meh across the board.

Beef Stroganov (2.0)

By week’s end, I feel that I’ve managed to get a pretty good grasp of USSR cuisine, at least on a rudimentary level.  Partly from dinner, where I had sturgeon caviar twice, borshch/borsch twice, and beef stroganov/stroganoff thrice, but mostly from the daily lunch buffets during the conference, the general themes would seem to be potatoes and pancakes, dumplings and pies, pickled seafoods and breaded cutlets, sour cream and mayonnaise – simple yet hearty.



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