5.293 Beoseot Jeongol

Cycle 5 – Item 293

25 (Sat) October 2014

Beoseot Jeongol


at Hanwoori

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, Mom + Dad

Home Visit 7: To Abdicate the Abode (Day 1)

In town to sign the papers for leasing out the Oksu apartment.  I am now a landlord but no longer a resident of Seoul.

(“To Disclaim His Domicile” and “To Relinquish His Residence” were close contenders for the theme of this home visit.)

Now that I plan to be in Manila for the foreseeable future, W has decided to vacate our perfectly good home, move five minutes across the river into a smaller/older/crappier place next door to her parents, and pay extra money for the privilege (about $50,000), including the cost for moving (about $2,000).  This seems to make sense to W and her parents, but to nobody else.

Hanwoori is a Korean restaurant.  Founded 1981.  Landmark.  As the name of the place would suggest, it’s famous for dishes featuring hanwoo.

One of Hanwoori’s signature dishes is beoseot jeongol, a hot pot with sliced beef, mushrooms, and noodles, along with various aromatics.

After the main components are finished, the server makes rice porridge in the remaining broth, now rich in beef flavor.

Before tonight, I hadn’t been to Hanwoori in years.  The food was as good as I remembered.   Don’t know what’s kept me away for so long, but I should definitely visit more often.



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