5.361 Palbochae


 1 (Thu) January 2015



at Hongmyeong

-Nonhyeon, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with KHJ + PHY

Winter Holiday with the Family: Day 9 of 11

For our first extended family time since I left home to work overseas, we’ll be spending the winter holiday together.  Starting with Christmas in the Philippines, ending with the New Year in Korea. Having everyone around, just hanging out, makes it feels like home, wherever it may be.


For brunch earlier in the day, as per New Year’s tradition, my mother made ddeok guk.  Personally, I feel that her style is too spartan – she likes food to be “clean” in appearance – but it was great nonetheless.


Dinner with colleagues from AUSOM, the last time was exactly 365 days ago (see previously 4.362 How I Earned a Free Bowl of Mul Naeng Myeon).

Yes, I’m aware that these aren’t pure coincidences, just that I always have dinner with the same groups of people around the same time of year.

Hongmyeong is a Korean-Chinese restaurant.

Taking a glance at my DSLR camera, the owner offered us a complimentary bottle of hooch and asked that I be generous in my review.

The food was hit/miss.  While the ingredients were clearly very fresh, and the preparations exhibited a skilled hand, the seasonings fell a bit short.  The palbochae, for example, was kinda bland, even while fresh seafood is always pretty good regardless.  Good times nevertheless.

Happy New Year!

Yangjangpi (3.0)



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