5.360 Mul Naeng Myeon


31 (Wed) December 2014

Mul Naeng Myeon


at Samwon Garden

-Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, Mom + Dad

Winter Holiday with the Family: Day 8 of 11

For our first extended family time since I left home to work overseas, we’ll be spending the winter holiday together.  Starting with Christmas in the Philippines, ending with the New Year in Korea. Having everyone around, just hanging out, makes it feels like home, wherever it may be.

Whereas the mul naeng myeon here has consistently capped out at a 3.5 rating, maybe because of a lingering prejudice on my part against MNM that isn’t strictly Pyeongyang-style, I’ve finally decided to give this dish the full 4.0 that it deserves.  Personal preferences aside, this is one of the best MNMs in Seoul, perhaps the best from an objective perspective.

Perfect meal to wrap an excellent year.

The following is a geographic breakdown of where I spent 2014 (unit: days):

Philippines: 259
Republic of Korea: 55
Taiwan: 3
Japan: 5
Lao PDR: 3
Fiji: 6
Hong Kong: 2
Spain: 7
Thailand: 4
Papua New Guinea: 7
Australia: 7

That’s 12 countries, including 12 cities that I experienced for the first time (Mabini, Tagaytay, Taipei, Kobe, Osaka, Nadi, Suva, Getxo, Bilbao, Barcelona, Port Moresby, Melbourne), not counting 4 cities that I touched in transit, even though I did register meals in them (Frankfurt, Munich, Hanoi, Doha).

Can’t wait to see where 2015 will take me.



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