6.016 Nakji Jjambbong


21 (Wed) January 2015

Nakji Jjambbong


at Jinsiang

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with MK, TL, CS

Try Every Korean Restaurant in Ermita and Malate (14) (see also TEKREM)

Surveying the Korean eateries, including those serving Korean-Chinese fare, located in the neighborhoods of Ermita and Malate, nearby work and home.  Minimum of 1 dish per place.  Currently 45 establishments.  Though anticipating that most of the places will be mediocre, I look forward to exploring more of my environment.


Jinsiang is a Korean-Chinese restaurant. Specializes in Chinese cuisine as found in Korea.  Open 1100-0500 hours.  Delivers.  The only drawback is that smoking is permitted, which is never a good thing, but particularly worse in such a small place.


This was my 4th visit, previously for late-night snacks, first time for dinner proper.


The food was quite good.  I keep coming back for the jjambbong, loaded with toothsome chunks fresh veg and seafood (e.g., nakji = octopus), rich and reasonably spicy broth, ranks with the best that I’ve had anywhere in Korea.  The main dishes sampled thus far have been solid. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, maybe, but they seemed kinda puzzled, wondering how any of it could be considered Chinese.

This stands as the place to beat for Korean-Chinese cuisine in the city.

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  1. 어린이 짜장면ㅎㅎjjambbong here is so good! i miss this one. yangjangpi looks delicious. drooling.

      1. that’s correct, on two different occasions on which we went there after having dinner at TY.

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