The Pitch: While working at WHO and based in the Philippines, initially by myself for 2.5 years from 2014 to 2016, I surveyed the Korean eateries, including those serving Korean-Chinese fare, within walking distance of work/home.  The combined neighborhoods of Ermita (north of Pedro Gil) and Malate (south of Pedro Gil) are something of an informal Koreatown, owing primarily to the casinos and girlie bars.  Minimum of 1 dish per place.  45 establishments (at the time).  Though most of the places were mediocre, the project got me to explore my environment, getting to know every street/alley in the area.


* recommended

** highly recommended

! to be avoided

!! banned

# Korean owner on site

> new restaurant opened after conclusion of TEKREM

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.34.25 AM

Did the restaurant merit a repeat visit?

Tier 1 (yes)

    1. (11) ** Myung Ga # (5.346 Deep-Fried Okdom) [eventually became my go-to Korean restaurant for lunch, but I never had chance to go back for dinner]
    2. (21) * Chung Ki Wa # (6.056 Cabbage Hangover Soup) (6.296 Bibimbap) (6.322 Godeungeo Gui) (7.093 Budae Jjigae)
    3. (14) * Jinsiang # (6.016 Nakji Jjajmbbong) (7.149 Kids Jjajang Myeon) (8.084 Kids Jjajang Myeon)
    4. (9) Sinsun Seollong Tang (5.328 Seollong Tang(8.147 Seolleong Tang) (10.039 Seollong Tang) (10.073 Seollong Tang) (10.122 Seollong Tang) (10.314 Mandu Jeongol)
    5. (2) Royal # (5.123 Knee for Ki) (7.051 Knee for Kyu) (7.346 Dogani Tang) (9.090 Dogani Suyuk) (9.279 Japchae)
    6. (25) Café Chosun # (6.079 Chosun Set) (6.229 Mul Naeng Myeon)
    7. (22) Gyumon (6.069 Jo Karubi)

** Jjambbong Janggun (10.271 Chadol Jjambbong) (10.281 Jikhwa Jjambbong) (10.286 Tagliatelle alla Bolognese) (10.294 Hwangje Jjambbong) (10.327 Sundubu Jjambbong Bap) (11.014 Bokkeum Jjambbong) (11.116 Tangsu Yuk) (11.138 Jjambbong Jeongol) [opened in 2019 and turned out to be the best Korean-Chinese restaurant in town]

Tier 2 (maybe):

Tier 3 (doubtful):

Tier 4 (no):

The Play: Officially, the project was launched on 17 December 2014, starting with the 11th establishment.  The remaining 34 took 7.5 months to complete, for an average of 1 establishment per 6.5 days (compared to 10.3 for TEITY and 2.8 for TERRP).  To accelerate completion, 12 restaurants were covered for lunch/snack and featured in double postings.

The Payoff: As anticipated, most of the restaurants were kinda crappy.  A few individual items here and there were okay.  At the very least, I determined a handful of places worthy of repeat visits.  The most important outcome was simply that I finished the project – I am certain that nobody else has ever done anything like it, nor should they.

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