6.018 Bok Jeongsik


23 (Fri) January 2015

Bok Jeongsik


at Bokio

-Sinsa, Seoul-

with the family

The Prodigal Son Returns to Be a Father to His Sons, a Grandson to His Grandfather, Day 2 (see previously 6.017 Tripe + Intestine + Heart).

In town for a few days, arrived yesterday evening, flying back Monday night.

3 tasks on the agenda : (1) attend Z’s daycare pageant (his first) (maybe his last)–done; (2) ski with D–done; (3) engage in shamanistic ritual for the grandparents.


Spent the afternoon on the slopes, me and the kid (the older one).  He’d been taking private lessons during the winter break and wanted to show me his skills.  Money well spent, he can now snowplow his way down the run like a champ at breakneck speed.  While pace doesn’t prove prowess, usually the opposite, I was impressed at how fearless he’d become, compared to the timid tike a few years ago (see 3.040 Chicken Kebab).  That’s my boy.




Dinner at a blowfish (“bok”) restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try again for years (see generally 1.185 Blowfish Stew).

Recent name change (and ownership?) from Geumsu Bok-Guk to Bokio.

Wanting to try the menu highlights in one go, we ordered the set meal (“jeongsik”).

Banchan (2.0)–3 of 4 were sadly mediocre…
…but the tofu with spicy soy sauce was excellent (3.5), with creamy texture and nutty flavor–the best item of the entire spread.
Scallops & Mixed Greens in Balsamic Dressing (1.0)–poorly done no matter the context, but even worse as a pseudo-European concoction paired with the other Korean/Japanese dishes.
Boiled Octopus in Sesame Seasoning (2.0)–meh.
Deep-Fried Blowfish with Blowfish Skin Salad (2.0)–tangy/spicy salad was quite nice and could’ve held its own as a stand-alone dish; however, the deep-fried fish consisted of whole fillets, kinda like for fish & chips, which isn’t a bad thing per se but seemed rather blunt and unsophisticated for this sort of spread.


Blowfish Soup (3.0)–simple, light, delicate.
Dumped the remaining sashimi strips into the hot broth to cook them through, leaving tender pieces of poached fish, just right to feed the kids.

While certain items were okay individually, the set as a whole was disappointing.  The sashimi, for example—okay fish per se, nicely paired with perilla leafs + chili paste + gold flakes!!—way too much, making us sick of it after a few bites.  Would’ve been better just to get the soup and a bowl of rice.


8 thoughts on “6.018 Bok Jeongsik

  1. I have fond memories of skiing with my father. It’s great that you make an effort to be involved with Dominique. But the blowfish concerns me…it’s not the poisonous kind, is it?! I’m not familiar with blowfish, but I’ve read about fugu…

    1. i think it is the poisonous kind–aren’t they all poisonous? but come to think of it, in korea, nobody ever talks about the poison, don’t know why. it’s just considered another type of fish, no big deal.

      1. I dunno…no matter how respectable the restaurant, I still wouldn’t feel safe feeding something like that to a kid. Sure, there’s risk involved with every food, but something that’s outright poisonous scares me.

      1. adorable, even smart, then. in the way that he doesn’t waste any food, he takes after his daddy.

      2. oh no, he loves to waste food. his favorite practice is to shove as much shrimp/meat/whatever into his mouth, chew it for a while to get the flavor, then spit it out.

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