6.020 Jesa Spread


25 (Sun) January 2015

Jesa Spread


by Mom et al.

at parents’ home

-Oksu, Seoul-

with the family, the folks, and various paternal-side relatives

The Prodigal Son Returns to Be a Father to His Sons, a Grandson to His Grandparents, Day 4 (see previously 6.019 Meoktae).

In town for a few days, arrived this evening, flying back Monday night.

3 tasks on the agenda : (1) attend Z’s daycare pageant (his first) (maybe his last)–done; (2) ski with D–done; (3) engage in shamanistic ritual for the grandparents–done.


D, offering booze to his great-grandparents for the first time.

Another year, another jesa (see most recently 4.117 Jesa Spread). My parents had decided that last year would be the end of observing jesa on the guest of honor’s death day, for my grandmother in January, for my grandfather in May–apparently, 20 years is enough–but they went through with it anyway, probably out of guilt, even though we would still honor their memory during Chuseok (see most recently 5.266 Gold).  Whatever the reason, the occasion does bring everyone together, which is always a good thing.

Ganjang Gejang (3.0)–not my mother’s speciality, not as good as the one by my aunt (see generally 1.349 Ganjang Gejang), but a very respectable rendition.
Steamed Hongdeok Crab (2.0)–an unusual item at an occasion like this–for some reason, seafood (other than fish) is never on the table–last-minute addition by my aunt, who encountered them on special at the supermarket.

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