6.039 …and Mini Dolsot Bibimbap


13 (Fri) Feb 2015

…and Mini Dolsot Bibimbap


at Yoree

-Bonifacio Global City, Taguig-

with various K colleagues

My second dinner at this establishment (see most recently 5.040 Course Dinner).

Happy to confirm that the food remains as good overall as before.

Even better.  Whereas the only previous complaint from the previous meal had concerned the quality and preparation of the grilled meats, they were luxuriously tender and well seasoned this time.

Another improvement was the dolsot bibimbap, now served in cute little individual stone bowls.

Also thrown in with the meats were a single whole shrimp and baby octopus; didn’t inquire as to whether these come standard or as a special treat for some of our VIP guests.

Alas, I was late to the party, after dinner was well underway, so I couldn’t enjoy the meal properly in its entirety, especially with certain higher-ups at the table.

Next time, when I can concentrate on the food, this could be one of the greatest all-around Korean set meals ever.

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