6.058 Enoki Horenso Tamago Toji


4 (Wed) March 2015

Enoki Horenso Tamago Toji


at Asunaro (The Pan-Pacific Manila)

-Malate, Manila-

with TL, JL

Tamago toji is a Japanese egg-cooking technique.  Consists of egg (tamago) that’s been delicately beaten to preserve the distinct colors/flavors/textures of the yolk/white, poured in a thin layer on top of a hot dish, and allowed to cook through for a few seconds on the residual heat—“toji = to heal with heat,” referring to the therapeutic benefits of hot springs (for people).  Often found on donburi (see for example 5.066 Oyakodon).  Egg drop soup, in which the egg is swirled into the broth at the end, would also qualify as tamago toji.

Here, the dish consisted of flammulina mushroom (enoki) + spinach (horenso), parboiled in a light soy dressing, finished off with tamago toji.

Cucumbers in Ponzu (3.0)

Asunaro (see most recently 6.028 Jumbo Hotategai Teppan Set) does these subtle dishes quite well.

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