6.060 Parmesan & Garlic-Crusted Atlantic Cod


6 (Fri) March 2015

Parmesan & Garlic-Crusted Atlantic Cod


at Italianni’s (Robinsons Place)

-Ermita, Manila-

with CT, NH

The Parmesan & Garlic-Crusted Atlantic Cod, quite good overall.  Though the fish itself was kinda crappy–obviously frozen, improperly thawed–the potato galette and cream sauce, enhanced by the parmesan and olives, even the alfalfa garnish, more than made up for it.  They should offer this without the fish.

Italianni’s–doesn’t come close to My Kitchen in terms of the food (see most recently 5.319 Chicken Piccata)–remains the best bet for decent Italian within walking distance (see most recently 6.004 Quattro Staggioni Pizza Circolare).

Indeed, I was persuaded by my colleagues to chip in for another membership card (see most recently 6.049 Jack Daniel’s Salmon).

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