6.067 Salmon Zosui


13 (Fri) March 2015

Salmon Zosui


at Fuji


with MG et al.

Zosui is a Japanese rice and soup dish.  Consists of a simple broth, often lightly seasoned with soy, containing steamed rice and other ingredients, such as minced vegetables, meat/seafood, egg.  Similar to chazuke, but busier.  Classic comfort food.

Spicy Basil Chicken with Fried Egg & Steamed Rice (3.5)–AWESOME, way too much cracked black pepper, which is always a good thing.

Lost Opportunity 5 : Another lunch at a local establishment (see previously 6.064 Grilled Babyback Ribs), this time at internet café GURU, where all the servers were ladyboys wearing Apple-logo polos; although the thought of taking photos did occur, I didn’t want to objectify them.

Lost Opportunity 6 : Given a choice for my final meal in town, I would’ve requested having dinner with the team at a Lao restaurant to see how the locals eat local food at dinner; but the food was good, so I can’t complain.

Fuji is a Japanese restaurant.  As suggested by the glossy menus and slick decor, the food tends to be on the fancier side, both in composition and presentation.  While prices may seem quite reasonable by global standards–most set meals hovering around 80,000 LAK (about $10)–consider that a typical local meal can be had for around 15,000 LAK.  Part of a Thailand-based chain that includes over 60 establishments operating under various names in the region, predominantly in Bangkok, a few locations in Lao and Myanmar.

Braised Tofu (2.5)

The salmon zosui at Fiji was excellent.  Delicate broth, punctuated by occasional bursts of brininess from the salmon roe.  The eggs, as they gradually progressed from raw to cooked in the residual heat, also made for an interesting study in evolving textural contrast.  Perfectly seared chunk of salmon, plus more shredded in the broth, added a smoky subtext.  Rice and rice noodles within.  My favorite kind of dish, light yet hearty, simple yet sophisticated.

A complimentary beverage while checking in at the hotel–classy!

After dinner, I flew into Bangkok, where I’ll be staying for a solo holiday over the weekend then flying back to Manila on Sunday afternoon.

Upon checking in to the hotel at midnight, I went out in search of food but found only 7-11 to be open within visible walking distance.

Item 1 : Crab Fried Rice (2.5)–not much crab flavor but waaaaaaaay good enough + Item 2 : Stir-Fried Chili Fish with Rice (2.5)–deep-fried items don’t work very well in the context of microwave ovens, but good anyway.

Haven’t been on a Diet in awhile (see previously 5.147 Yakisoba + Teriyaki Yakitori). In town for about 36 hours, let’s see how much I can stuff my face.

This would seem to have global implications, not just a “focus on Africa.”

Mission to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic + Personal Deviation to the Kingdom of Thailand, Day 4 (see previously 6.065 Larb Moo).

From Tuesday night through this evening, I was in Vientiane for work. The purpose of the trip was to meet with various ministries, including Health, Justice, Planning & Investment, Foreign Affairs, Industry & Commerce, Finance, as well as the National Assembly, to discuss strategies for strengthening their tobacco control laws.

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