6.074 Budae Jjigae


20 (Fri) March 2015

Budae Jjigae


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with TL

Overwhelmed apparently by her first experience with budae jjigae a few weeks back (see generally 6.037 Hetbahn, Supplemented), TL hasn’t shut up about it since (see most recently 6.069 Jo Karubi).

So, when she suddenly requested that I make it again for dinner this evening, I couldn’t refuse.

The sauce base from Pulmuone was disappointing.  Tart.  Flimsy.  One of the company’s rare misses.

Beyond the food, the meal was something of dud, making me realize that budae jjigae is much better when shared with a larger group, preferably with booze.

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