6.073 Unizoisui


19 (Thu) March 2015



at Nihonbashitei

-Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with TL

This is the Ermita branch (on Pedro Gil) of Nihonbashitei; last year, the Malate branch (on Adriatico) was the venue for my first dinner with the co-workers soon after joining the Organization (see 5.012 California Maki Roll).

The zoisui = whatever.  More porridge than soup, nary a lick of broth.  This being my first time trying cooked sea urchin eggs (uni)–not fully cooked, just halfway in the residual heat–I was surprised that they maintain their creamy texture and taste.  Anyway, the uni made the dish, already thick from the rice, even more goopy.  Maybe okay shared in small portions, either as appetizer or finish, but way too heavy as a stand-alone main course.


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