6.086 Eggplant Tikka


1 (Wed) April 2015

Eggplant Tikka


at Kashmir

-Ermita, Manila-

with MG, KD

For the next couple months, I’ll have two volunteers under my supervision: MG, master of law from Italy; KD, juris doctor from Canada.  Reflects the ever-increasing law presence/priority/activity within the Organization.

Tabouli (1.25)–mostly parsley, which they didn’t even bother to mince very well (same with the garniture in the eggplant dish); I’ve been trying out a lot of tabouli these days (see for example 6.076 Arya Dip Platter) to build frames of taste/texture reference as I learn to make my own (see for example 6.082 Hotdogs (+ Tabouli)).

My 3rd visit to this restaurant (see most recently 6.032 Arabic Salad).

The Eggplant Tikka was okay.  Big chunks of eggplant in mild tomato sauce, not much spice, topped with melted cheese–reminiscent of eggplant parmesan, as MG conceded.

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