6.096 Budae Jjigae


11 (Sat) April 2015

Budae Jjigae


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with ME, MK, JL, TL

With SPAM always sold out, I’d intended on conducting a taste test to determine the best substitute, as I’d done with hotdogs a couple weeks back (see 6.082 Hotdogs…)…
…but didn’t really bother to take notes; vaguely, RICHAM may have been the closest to SPAM, while LUNCHEON MEAT seemed to have a slightly artificial aftertaste; once in the pot, it was all the same.

Again at TL’s request (see most recently 6.073 Budae Jjigae), this time for friends who hadn’t been available the last time.

On the occasion of Movie Nite II (see previously 6.033 Bibimbap Bar), featuring The Theory of Everything and Bridesmaids.

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