6.101 Coconut Carrot Cream Soup


16 (Thu) April 2015

Coconut Carrot Cream Soup


by Korean Air

on Flight KE 137

-Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean-


Personal Deviation + Mission to Nadi + Personal Deviation : Day 1.

On my way to Fiji for a conference next week — details to come.  As on my prior visit last July (see generally 5.175 Prestigious Repast), I opted to travel via Korea, so that I could parlay the trip into a home visit.

Arrived ICN early this morning, got into Seoul around 0700, sent the boys off to school, power-napped, lunched with DP — whom I haven’t seen in nearly 4 years (see most recently 2.309 Seafood & Bean Sprout Stir-Fry) — picked up and played with the boys after school, took a bus to the airport at 1800, departed for NAD at 2100.

Bloody Mary + Seared Shrimp with Bell Pepper Aioli (1.5)
Martini + Grilled Tuna Steak (2.5) — “with orange served with olive oil lemon dressing”
Grilled Beef Tenderloin (1.5) — “with rosemary sauce served with crushed potato, broccoli, and roasted onion”
American meal (steak and potatoes) — USA! + American booze (Jack Daniel’s) — USA! + American movie (Fury) — USA!

While fully acknowledging how humbly grateful I am for the privilege of flying business class (even when I’m paying for the upgrade), I regret to admit being again underwhelmed by the food on Korean Air’s Prestige Class (see most recently 6.021 Bibimbap).  In fact, compared to the previous spread from this same route (see generally 5.175 Prestigious Repast), the quality has regressed.

Then again, this “Korean-style seafood soybean paste soup served with steamed rice and side dishes” — refreshingly spicy, nice crab flavor — may have been the best in-flight breakfast that I’ve ever had.

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