6.100 AHQFGT


15 (Wed) April 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Flying out this evening for mission.

Too tired to go out for dinner.

In a rush to pack, not much time to cook, I whipped up the ever reliable A(t)H(ome)Q(uick)F(ix)G(o)T(o) meal (see most recently 5.316 The Good Ole Contingency Meal).  Alas, with ersatz SPAM (see from 6.095 Budae Jjigae), it just wasn’t the same.

Pan-Fried Japchae Mandu (2.0)
Reminds me that the very first post to feature this meal (see generally 1.101 My Good Ole Contingency Meal)–by coincidence, 2 days shy of precisely 5 years ago–was how Number One Swedish Fan GK (who hasn’t yet made an appearance on the blog’s new site–maybe he’s peeved that I haven’t yet paid him for the latest batch of whiskies) initiated our cross-cultural culinary exchange (see for example 4.227 Köttbullar…).

2 thoughts on “6.100 AHQFGT

  1. Your latest acronym sounds like it would be pronounced, “Ack, fuck it!” Which is pretty much the essence of an at home quick fix meal. Ha!

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