6.107 Rourou Taster


22 (Wed) April 2015

Rourou Taster


at Tu’s Place

-Martintar, Nadi-

with various colleagues and conference participants

Personal Deviation + Mission to Nadi + Personal Deviation, Day 7 (see previously 6.105 Chicken Maki Roll).

Arrived last Friday, here through the week to attend a nutrition conference.

This is my second visit to Fiji (see most recently 5.180 Mahi Mahi with Snake Beans…).

Rourou Balls & Grilled Fish — the entree portion with 3 balls and 3 large pieces of fish (as ordered by a colleague); a way better value at 26.50 FJD, compared to the appetizer portion Rourou Taster with 1 ball and 3 small slivers of fish at 12.50.

Rourou is a Fijian vegetable dish.  Consists of taro leaves — which are referred to in general as “rourou” — minced, cooked, and seasoned in coconut milk. A common/popular side dish.

Whereas rourou typically comes with everything mixed together, the kitchen here forms the leaves into compact balls and coats just the outside with the coconut sauce, making for a much more dramatic presentatation.
Tumu (2.5) — “local chicken soup in broth with vegetables and fresh herbs, served with tavioka” … tasted like chicken in broth with vegetables and fresh herbs, didn’t like the tavioka.

When a group of colleagues proposed going out of the hotel for dinner, I strongly recommended Tu’s Place, which I’d been hoping to try again after an positive first experience (see most recently 6.101 Bula Shrimp).

Confirmed, the restaurant knows what it’s doing.  The rourou in particular, bitter leaves balanced against the sweet creaminess of the perfectly seasoned coconut sauce — light yet hearty, simple yet sophisticated, my kinda dish — was amazing, a side dish that thoroughly outshines the main.  Good stuff.  Good times.

My favorite eating establishment in the entire Republic of Fiji, I’ll be sure to go back for more on my next visit (possibly in November).

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