6.106 Chicken Maki Roll


21 (Tue) April 2015

Chicken Maki Roll


from Ikkyu [takeaway]

in my room (Tanoa International Hotel)

-Martintar, Nadi-


Personal Deviation + Mission to Nadi + Personal Deviation : Day 6 (see previously 6.104 Chicken Tandoori Pizza).

Arrived last Friday, here through the week to attend a nutrition conference.

This is my second visit to Fiji (see most recently 5.180 Mahi Mahi with Snake Beans…).

The perfect alignment of professional duty and personal interest.
Participants from various Member States, gathered to discuss how they can strengthen their nutrition policies through implementation of Codex standards.
During one of the small group work sessions, the delegation from the host country populates a matrix to map out local regulations pertaining to the promotion of healthy diets.
As evident from the responses — yes / no / partial — the legal frameworks for nutrition in most Pacific countries, except Fiji, are still largely empty.
Instant noodles are now a staple in the Pacific, where diets tend to be way too salty — Korea is the 3rd biggest source, YAY!

With kava apparently still in my system (see generally 6.101 Bula Shrimp), sleep pattern completely disrupted, I’ve been waking up at 0300, rendered completely useless by 1500, just barely managing not to collapse during the afternoon sessions of the workshop, regrettably in no shape to socialize or go out for dinner at day’s end.

Ikkyu is a Japanese restaurant, tucked away in a corner of Tanoa International Hotel.

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  1. 1. “the perfect alignment of professional duty and personal interest” –happiness in life. good for you!
    2. the conference room looks oddly familiar 🙂

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