6.113 Umaki Tamago


28 (Tuesday) April 2015

Umaki Tamago


at Asunaro (Pan-Pacific Hotel)

-Malate, Manila-

with CT … TL

CT, who’s been with us on a 3-month contract since January, will be returning home to London in a couple days.

Generally, I’ve sworn off befriending interns, consultants, and other temporary staff, but CT and I appreciate so many of the same interests — single malt whisky, Spanish cuisine, Global knives, The Beatles, wingtipped brogues, double-cuffed shirts, oogling women — that the bond was inevitable, even though he’s literally old enough to be my mother — my mother was also born 24 years before me in the year of the rat, like CT.

Tonight was the final meal — 9 in all (see most recently 6.093 Bang / Rang), not counting postprandial drinking sessions.


Umaki tamago is a Japanese eel and egg dish.  Consists of eel (u), typically grilled and seasoned in teriyaki sauce, then rolled (maki) into a sweetish omelet (tamago).

The umaki tamago at Asunaro was disappointing.  While eel and egg would seem to go seamlessly well together, they didn’t here, an example of components playing by themselves (as EK would say).  The main problem was that the egg was too fluffy, so that it didn’t adhere to the eel.  Oh well.

I may try to make this myself someday.

In his honor, I busted out the good stuff (which I’d been saving for dinner with the RD), the number one whisky in the world (according to some, like the RD) — cheers, mate.

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  1. nancy’s love for weird food makes her see weirdness in everything — though i guess eel could be considered weird by some people. come to think of it, snake is often cited as a weird item, but eel is essentially a water snake, right?

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