6.112 Prawns with Ginger & Onion


27 (Mon) April 2015

Prawns with Ginger & Onion


at Seafood Market

-Ermita, Manila-

with K staff

Seafood Market (see generally 4.263 Parros Clams…) is now under new ownership.  According to the server, the new owners are Arabic — not that their ethnicity should matter, but my colleagues were aghast at the idea, some even suggesting that this would be our final meal here.

The management and staff remain, for now.

One immediately apparent change : new silverware and porcelain plates.

This evening, at long last, I’ve discovered a fine preparation for the prawns, which had been the one item without a satisfactory solution (see for example 5.210 Chili Shrimp).  Peeled and sautéed with ginger and onion — technically, green onion — the aromatics delicately enhancing the natural flavors of the prawns, very Cantonese.

Recently given a clear mandate to revise the menu at my full discretion (see most recently 6.080 Live vs Fresh Lapu Lapu), I am very near to perfecting the spread, so what a shame if we were never to return.

One thought on “6.112 Prawns with Ginger & Onion

  1. this one looks very delicious! i appreciate your inputs in the improvement of the menu. no more parboiled crystal prawns?

    new silverware and porcelain(!!) plates…better than plastic plates and single-use chopsticks–nice!

    curious to know what the new ownership brings to the iconic seafood market in the future.

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