6.125 Albondigas de Ternera


10 (Sun) May 2015

Albondigas de Ternera

at Casa Armas


-Malate, Manila-

with KD, MG

After a week of sushi (see generally 6.124 Special Nigiri Sushi Mori…), I was craving meat — mammalian, cooked, warm, with sauce, savory.

Solomillo con Pimientos (2.0)

Couldn’t decide between Korean or Spanish, so I left the choice to my two volunteers.  One Canadian, one Italian — both on tight budgets, forced to eat rice and noodles most of the time — they both welcomed the prospect of a western meal loaded with protein.

While the food wasn’t that great objectively, it was satisfying.

In light of the diminishing returns at Casa Armas (see most recently 6.072 Aceitunas Aliniadas), I’m so glad that I didn’t attempt TEICA.

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  1. after a long week of a sushi tunnel, glad to read a post on something warm and cooked.

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