6.072 Aceitunas Aliniadas


18 (Wed) March 2015

Aceitunas Aliniadas


at Casa Armas

-Malate, Manila-

with various K staff

This week, the 108th WHO WPRO WRs/CLOs Meeting.

As WR KHM is Korean, we like to host dinner for him whenever he’s in town (see most recently 5.139 Chicken Picata).

The venue, upon my casual suggestion, was Casa Armas (see most recently 6.054 Paella Marinera).

Everyone seemed quite pleased with the food, as well as the service and ambiance.  Good times.

7 thoughts on “6.072 Aceitunas Aliniadas

  1. glad to hear that you guys had good times. in particularly, i guess SY Ahn loved the food there. a bit of brief explanation of the featured photo would be appreciated.

  2. i may have to take over exchequer duties from Dr A, who seems to be getting too much stress from the position.

    the photo shows a bowl of black olives, tossed with onions and garlic in olive oil. nice side dish.

    i didn’t really feel like discussing the food this time, but I’m developing an ideal spread that I will feature in full soon.

  3. poor Dr A…considering your expertise in food, booze, and organizing, i’ve been thinking that you are cut out for exchequer duties (and you are already doing more than half of the job).

  4. haha! i’m sure everyone that knows you thinks that you are so passionate about food and good at organizing parties; maybe your destiny?!

    actually, with all my due respect for Dr A, the dishes that you ordered at sea food market were the best i’ve had there (i’m just saying).

  5. i appreciate the sentiment, but most of the dishes are still from the standard protocol. i’ll explain a bit more in an upcoming post….

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