6.126 Tabouleh + Chicken Tikka


11 (Mon) May 2015

Tabouleh + Chicken Tikka

from Shawarma Snack Center [takeaway]

in my apartment


-Ermita, Manila-


This is the original SSC (right), located directly across the alley from the new SSC (left) (see generally 5.078 Broccoli & Shrimp + Falafal), now regarded as the main.
In exchange for slightly lower prices, the facilities are marginally lesser, like that rinky dink air conditioner that may as well be a furnace for all the good it does — on the bright side, no shisha smokers.

Initially, I’d gone to the main location but left upon learning that tabouleh was out of stock* for the evening.  The original location had tabouleh, which shows that the kitchens are totally independent of each other.

* I find this difficult to believe, given the simplicity/ubiquity of the ingredients — bulgur wheat, parsley, onion, tomato, lemon juice, salt, sugar — as well as the time required to make the dish — 10 minutes.

Dishes are about 10% less than across the street.
And the choice of dishes, not as expansive.

The food was unremarkable, leaning towards mediocre.  Dryish chicken — not really tikka. Dryish bread.  Bland garlic sauce.  Hohum tabouleh, mostly parsley, but fresh.

Tablouleh (2.0) — another disappointment in my on-going quest to find the best tabouleh in town (see most recently 6.099 Roast Chicken + Tabouli…).

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  1. yes, this is what it’s like at most places around here, which makes me wonder if the parsley overload is a Filipino thing, or maybe more authentic (restaurants here are all owned/managed and frequented by middle easterners).

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