6.129 Slow-Roasted U.S. Beef Belly


14 (Thu) May 2015

Slow-Roasted U.S. Beef Belly


at Cirkulo

-Makati, Manila-

with Mom, Dad, Uncle CS

The parental units are visiting for a couple days (see previously 6.128 Slipper Lobsters in White Pepper Sauce).

For their second and final evening in town, I took them, along with Uncle CS, to Cirkulo (see generally 5.157 Angulas a la Vasca).

Having proclaimed last year that the food at this place was “perhaps the best food that I’ve ever had in the Philippines,” I’m happy to confirm that it remains perhaps the best food that I’ve ever had in the Philippines.  The Slow-Roasted Beef Belly* the most amazing piece of meat that I’ve had in recent memory, ridiculously tender, perfectly seasoned.  Everything else was excellent as well.  If I lived near the restaurant, I might attempt TEIC (Try Every Item at Cirkulo).

*Goes to show that brisket, when done right, may be the best cut from the entire cow, which is why barbecue pros work with nothing but.

* * * *


10 (Wed) June 2015

Currently on duty travel, waiting in the transit lounge for a connecting flight to Jordan at Abu Dhabi International Airport, I read Nancy’s comment below concerning the recipe for the above-featured dish.  When I tried to access the Cirkulo website, it was blocked.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.18.07 AM
“Prohibited Content Categories” — maybe because of the roast pork recipe offered on the same page?

In any case, the link to the recipe (accessible from Jordan, where I write this note) is available here.

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  1. You should try making it…recipe is right on their site, doesn’t sound too complicated at all. In fact, I should probably try making it. 🙂

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