6.148 Beef Biryani


2 (Tue) June 2015

Beef Biryani


by Al Sultan [delivery]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with RK et al.

RK is back.  Previously a volunteer, now temporary staff, possibly for a longer term.  I mention it only to note that I may now have someone to eat with regularly, so long as he doesn’t turn out to be a jerk or an idiot or a bore or a whiner or a cling-on, so far so good.  Currently registering 13 GMTD meals, he could be a contender to break the all-time mark set by TL (who’s now too busy hanging out with her buddy ME to make time for me [sniff]), currently at 41.

Curry Shrimp (2.5) — good with the biryani.

A quiet evening at my place, another delivery from Al Sultan (see most recently 6.137 Mixed Grill + Tabouleh).

The biryani was pretty good.  While the rice was kinda bland, it provided a nice vehicle for the curry shrimp.  The beef was fall-apart tender and tasty.  Perfectly satisfactory meal.

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  1. Rick? oh, please give my regards to him. by the way, when are your extended annual leaves in Seoul? if you have time then, please let me know. would be happy to meet up.

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