6.137 Mixed Grill + Tabouleh


22 (Fri) May 2015

Mixed Grill + Tabouleh


from Al Sultan [delivery]

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


Following the success of the previous meal from what I was hoping would become my go-to place for Arabic cuisine (see most recently 6.0 Half Grilled Chicken + Arabic Salad), the food was somewhat disappointing this time.  While the beef was okay, the chicken was dry and the lamb meatballs contained bits of gristle.  The tabouleh (see most recently 6.126 Tabouleh + Chicken Tikka) was edible but a tad too heavy on the parsley.  Oh well.

Just before the closing credits of World War Z, a montage of what’s happening around globe shows a glimpse of our office, which is odd because nothing else in the movie concerns the Philippines  — I’m guessing that the producers probably used stock footage, which they thought depicted HQ.

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