6.172 Sai Ua


26 (Fri) June 2015

Sai Ua


at The Gallery

-Chiang Mai-


The Gallery is a Thai restaurant, located along the banks of Ping River in a popular expat/tourist part of town.
Not an installation piece — the space is under renovation.
Recommended with a slight shrug by the hotel concierge .

Mission to Thailand + Personal Deviation, Day 3 (see previously 6.171 Sweet Sticky Rice with Ripped Mango).

In Chiang Mai.  Arrived Wednesday tonight.  Here to support a workshop on tobacco and trade, yesterday through today.  Hanging around for the weekend.  Getting back to Manila on Sunday evening.

See item 114(b).

Sai ua is a Thai sausage.  Minced pork with aromatics (e.g., chilies, ginger, garlic, shallots) and herbs (e.g., holy basil, cilantro, lemongrass).  Distinctly northern in style, also found across the border in Lao (see for example 3.271 Larb Gai).

Hor Noung Gai (2.0) — “Chiang Mai favorite of spicy steamed chicken in banana leaves”

Excellent.  Whereas all the sausages that I’ve tried anywhere in the world seem vaguely similar in taste and texture, these were distinctly Mekong in character — explosive flavors  — exactly what I would’ve expected from / hoped for in a sausage from Thailand.  A bit dry and too spicy for me, but awesome.

As noted in yesterday’s post, khao niao mamuang is immensely popular in northern Thailand, even as a post-massage snack.

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