6.179 Shrimp Tempura


3 (Fri) July 2015

Shrimp Tempura


at 1979 Year

-Oksu, Seoul-

with DJ, IZ, and Mom

After the Forum wrapped at midday, the WHO team went to Woo Lae Ok for lunch; the mul naeng myeon was better — more subtle — than I’d remembered (see generally 4.173 Jeontong Pyongyang Naeng Myeon).

Mission to Korea + Personal Deviation, Day 3 (see previously 6.178 Sliders).

In Seoul.  Arrived Wednesday evening.  Came to support a parliamentarian forum on global health — a high profile event, the Organization represented in full force by the RD, DPM, DSE, and … me — yesterday and today.  Spending the weekend at home.  Back to Manila on Sunday night.

1979 Year is a Korean pub, located in a back alley of our old neighborhood in Oksu.
Offering “hand-made” dishes, Korean/Chinese/Japanese in style.

Been meaning to review 1979 Year since it opened several years back, but the opportunity never came up.  The food used to be quite good, fusion in the best sense of the term, limited ever-evolving menu scribbled in chalk on the wall.  Reasonably priced booze — including San Miguel on tap, although of course that didn’t mean anything at the time, beyond the unusualness of having San Miguel on tap in Korea (maybe seen it at a handful of other places, all in Itaewon).  Managed by an amiable owner-chef, 1979 Year was a popular local hang-out spot.

Yaki Udon (2.5)

Alas, it seems to have gone south, somewhat, while I was away.  The cheaply produced front-of-door signage with crappy photos was the first obvious giveaway, confirmed by the bound menu inside, now expanded to include all manner of typical Korean anju favorites.  The food was okayish, but without the zing that it once had.  The owner-chef nowhere in sight, strongly suggesting that he cashed out.  Oh well.

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