6.194 Lobster Spaghetti with Rose Sauce


18 (Sat) July 2015

Lobster Spaghetti with Rose Sauce


at Chef’s Note (Oakwood Premiere Residences)

-Samseong, Seoul-

with the wife & kids, Mom & Dad

Chef’s Note is an Italian restaurant, located in Oakwood Premier Coex Center — the couple in front, maybe an illicit rendezvous?

The Prodigal Son Returns for His Father’s Birthday, Day 1.

Arrived this morning, here for the sole purpose of having dinner with my father on his birthday, leaving tomorrow evening.

Olive Ciabatta (3.5)
Wild Mushroom Salad with Truffle Oil (3.25) — quite nice, except the mushrooms came hot off the grill, wilting the fresh greens after awhile.
1+ Korea Beef Tenderloin with Seasonal Sauce (3.5) — that’s 69,000 KRW + 10% VAT for 280 grams.
Margherita Pizza (3.5)

The food was excellent across the board — one of the best Italian meals that I’ve had in Korea (see for comparison 2.346 Tagliatelle all Zafferano).

Incidentally, we had almost the same spread for my father’s birthday last year (see generally 5.217 Surf & Turf), including a lobster pasta (which wasn’t featured in the post).

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