6.208 Adobong Kangkong


1 (Sat) August 2015

Adobong Kangkong


at Harbor View Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila-

with the wife & kids, and the wife’s cousin’s family

Summer Vacation, Day 1.

We’ll be spending a week together in the Philippines, followed by a week in Korea.  The wife and kids arrived this afternoon.  Her cousin’s family will be staying with us until Tuesday.

At Manila Ocean Park — ages [from left to right] : 5 / 8 / 3 (IZ is going to be huge) / 3.

The Adobong Kangkong here — morning glory in adobo sauce, topped with lechon kawali — is excellent, consistently my favorite dish since my very first visit (see generally 3.244 Steamed Crab…).

However, whereas Harbor View does have a few other good items (see for example 5.067 Tanigue Kilawin), I’ve come to the conclusion that the food in general isn’t all that great (see most recently 5.351 Chili Prawns).

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