6.212 Chicken Asado


5 (Wed) August 2015

Chicken Asado


at Acacia

-Anilao, Batangas-

with the wife & kids

The Deluxe Suite — not really a suite, just a larger room with 2 beds.

Summer Vacation, Day 5 (see previously 6.211 Scallops with Broccoli).

2 full weeks with the wife and kids, the longest that we’ve been together since I relocated to Manila.  1 week in the Philippines, followed by 1 week in Korea.  They arrived Saturday afternoon.  We fly back this coming Saturday.

Mid-week, we were the only guests in the joint…
…and had the pool all to ourselves.
The namesake acacia tree provides shade throughout the day.

Overnighter in Anilao.  Ever since visiting Acacia on a day trip last summer (see generally 5.153 Buffet Crap), I’ve been looking forward to taking the family there someday.  Unfortunately, it had been fully booked during our Christmas vacation trip to Anilao, which is why we’d had to settle for Eagle Point, what a fucking hellhole (see generally 5.355 Seafood Pizza).  Anyway, this time at Acacia, we had a blast.

Dinner at sunset.

Asado is a Filipino method of preparation.  Consists of meat — typically chicken and/or pork — braised in soy sauce + vinegar + hoisin sauce, along with aromatics and other seasonings.  Regarded as a type of adobo, though the addition of hoisin sauce makes it taste vaguely Chinese.  Both Filipino adobo and asado bear little if any resemblance to the original Spanish adobo and asado.

Egg Drop Soup (2.5)
Salad (2.5) + Stewed Pork (2.5)

The food was objectively kinda meh, but we enjoyed it all — a full day of swimming tends to stimulate the appetite.

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