6.211 Scallops with Broccoli


4 (Tue) August 2015

Scallops with Broccoli


at Li Li (New World Manila Bay)

-Malate, Manila-

with the wife & kids

Summer Vacation, Day 4 (see previously 6.210 Liempo).

2 full weeks with the wife and kids, the longest that we’ve been together since I relocated to Manila.  1 week in the Philippines, followed by 1 week in Korea.  They arrived Saturday afternoon.  We fly back this coming Saturday.

Roast Duck & Barbecued Pork Sushi (1.0) — to get the fluffier jasmine rice to stick, they made it mushy by adding water, a common trick at cheap places (see for example 5.075 All Day Sushi Buffet), surprising here, as the buffet elsewhere in the hotel uses japonica rice at the sushi station (see generally 6.082 Lobster, Baby.); the yellow stuff = jellyfish.
Female Crab Steamed with Garlic and Spring Onion (1.0) — no meat, total waste of money.

As per protocol, a trip to Manila wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Li Li (see most recently 6.150 Roasted Chicken Marinated in Garlic).

The scallop and broccoli dish was amazing.  An off-menu item suggested by our server when I indicated that we wanted something simple.  Indeed, the dish was sauceless yet perfectly seasoned in a light soy-based glaze with a delicate wisp of wok-char — essentially the same as the scallop and broccoli dish at a different place a couple weeks back (see 6.200 Scallops with Broccoli).  Even better here, the scallops were pan-seared — highly unusual in Chinese cuisine — to enhance both texture and taste.  No question, this was the best scallop dish that I’ve ever experienced.  An immediate all-time family favorite.

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