6.218 The Fatta the Lan


11 (Tue) August 2015

The Fatta the Lan


by Mom and me

at the cabin


with the wife & kids, Mom


IMG_1664 IMG_1665 IMG_1670

Summer Vacation, Day 10 (see previously 6.217 Nokdu Jeon).

2 full weeks with the wife and kids, the longest together since I relocated to Manila.  1 week in the Philippines — DONE — followed by 1 week in Korea — IN PROCESS.  We arrived in Seoul on Saturday afternoon.  I fly back to Manila next Saturday.


Even as I write this, I’m in disbelief that over 19 months have passed since our last visit to the cabin (see most recently 4.364 Jjajang Myeon), over 20 months since the last overnighter (see most recently 4.344 Nakji Bokkeum Sari).

Stir-Fried Eggplant & Tomatoes (3.5)
Cucumber Kimchi (3.5)
Sirloin Steak (4.0)
Even when served Korean-style, I believe that meat turns out much better when initially cut to the thickness of American-style steaks — at least 2.5, preferably 3.5 cm — then cut on the grill as it cooks into thickish bite-size cubes, which provides greater textural contrast, compared to the thin slices that Koreans do by default (see for example 3.275 The Boriso Special).

For dinner, another locavore meal (see previously 4.208 The Fatta the Lan).  Veg from the garden, prepared by Mom.  Meat from a neighborhood ranch/butcher, prepared by me.  Awesome.

Earlier in the day, on the way to the cabin, we stopped at Goeup, my favorite restaurant in Okcheon (see most recently 4.231 Mineo Hoe), for their mul naeng myeon
wanja & pyeonyuk ban-ban, and spicy pickled radish — all as excellent as ever.

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