6.228 BLUES


21 (Fri) August 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-

with RK, TL, JL, and various colleagues

Another get-together at my place (see most recently 6.206 Liempo), something of a farewell party for DRC — who’s transferring to EMRO — and welcome back for JR — who’s in town to represent KHM at the NCD/tobacco meetings this week.


My contributions: Japanese sesame dressing (bottled) with cucumber and carrot sticks (by me), and Greek tzatziki (by me) with BLUES (bagged).

Terra is a US-based food company.  Founded in 1990 by a pair of chefs.  Specializes in chips, mostly root vegetables.  One of the most famous products is BLUES, made from Adirondack Blue, a hybrid potato developed at Cornell University in 2003.

Surprising that I’d find these in Robinsons Supermarket, which typically doesn’t offer the most progressive selection of products.

BLUES are awesome.  The texture is somewhat mealier/grainier than standard potatoes, yet slightly flakier, making for an interesting mouthfeel.  Flavor is richer, denser — but I might be imagining it, due to the vibrant color.  In any case, these are my go-to snack these days.  Great for parties, where they’re sure to impress.

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