6.265 Pan-Seared Scallops & Cauliflower with Trofie con Spinaci


27 (Sun) September 2015

Pan-Seared Scallops & Cauliflower with Trofie con Spinaci


by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


More cauliflower (see most recently 6.264 Chicken & Cauliflower Fajitas), again Italian-style with scallops (see most recently 6.258 Pan-Seared Scallops & Cauliflower…).

Gift from EK — T-H-A-N-K-S!!!!

The pasta itself was awesome.  In the bag, the rough and uneven appearance of the pieces suggested that they’d each been individually rolled by hand.  Indeed, upon cooking, the texture was pleasantly doughy yet chewy, just like fresh pasta.  The best dried pasta that I’ve ever experienced.  I’ll save the rest for a special occasion.

To allow the flavor of the pasta to come though, I did a simple garlic, basil, and olive oil preparation.

8 thoughts on “6.265 Pan-Seared Scallops & Cauliflower with Trofie con Spinaci

  1. my pleasure! so glad to hear that you enjoyed the pasta and that the pasta went with scallop, my favorite!

    enjoy your time at RCM!

    1. yes, as amended in the post, it was the best dried pasta ever! i will certainly buy more if available.

      how do you know that I’m at RCM?

      1. i also want to try that pasta myself someday somehow!

        it was my guess. i heard that there is a side event about UHC and Law; so i thought you would be there ;p

  2. national holiday (all saint’s day) on 1 (mon) nov, so i might be in korea for the long weekend. but if not, let’s hang out….

      1. i will be in town from 29 Oct to 1 Nov. if you are available on 29 Oct, that would be great! if not, next time, maybe next year 🙂

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