6.266 Spinach Soup, Scallops, Cod Fillet


28 (Mon) September 2015

Spinach Soup, Scallops, Cod Fillet


at Li Li (New World Manila Bay)

-Malate, Manila-


New World Club Epicure.  For 9,000 pesos (about $190), the package comes with standing discounts on food and beverages at the two properties in Manila, plus various vouchers for spa treatment, daytrips to the pool-gym, and overnight stays and 1+1 extensions, including a one-night stay at the property in Saigon.

Following dinner at the buffet restaurant in the hotel couple months back (see generally 6.214 Lobsters, for My Babies), the manager approached me with the deal.  She promoted the offer by thanking me for being such a loyal customer (hook) and respected member of the local expat community (line).  Apparently, it’s not available to anyone upon request; the website features an inquiry form but doesn’t indicate standards for acceptance.  In any case, the discount would immediately apply, so that I’d save 1,900 pesos on the spot (sinker), so I took it.

With the savings from Li Li alone (see most recently 6.246 Tungpo-Style Braised Pork Belly), the membership will pay for itself soon enough.

Unlike the polonchay soup at Golden Fortune, the spinach here is finely ground into the broth; the bits of soft tofu provided a silky creaminess.
Sautéed Chicken Fillet, Spring Onion, Black Bean Sauce (3.0) — solid, if unremarkable.

Curiously, the discount scheme entitles me to 40% off when dining alone, 50% with one companion — incentivizing date scenarios — 33% with two companions, and 30% with three to twelve companions.  I don’t get it.

Tonight, solo, I saved 555 pesos.

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