6.282 Tuna Poke


14 (Wed) October 2015

Tuna Poke


at En

-Tumon Bay, Guam-

with various staff and resource persons

Mission to the United States, Day 5 (see previously 6.281 RD’s Dinner).

In Guam.  Arrived last Saturday morning.  Here to attend WPRO’s annual RCM — hottest event of the year — Monday through Thursday.  Flying back next Saturday.

En is a Japanese restaurant, came highly recommended by locals.

Poke (pronounced “POH-ke”) is a Hawaiian fish dish.  Typically made with raw tuna, sliced into cubes — that’s what the term means — seasoned with salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, sometimes chili sauce, plus aromatics (e.g., garlic, scallion, onion), various garniture (e.g., sesame seeds, furikake, katsuobushi), often combined with other components (e.g., avocado, tomato, seaweed).  Either served on its own as a salad/appetizer or on top of (vinegared) rice as a main dish.

Agedashi Tofu (3.0) — tofu not so great, but the mini crispy rice balls in the sauce were very nice.
Chicken Kelaguen (3.0)

All around, great food.

In particular, the tuna poke.  Beyond the basics, the dressing had something more, perhaps a touch of mayonnaise and miso (forgot to verify), providing a creamier/nuttier mouthfeel/flavor.  Avocados paired perfectly.  I should try making this at home.

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