6.283 The Boss’s Beefy Birthday Bash


15 (Thu) October 2015

The Boss’s Beefy Birthday Bash


at Seoul Jung (Holiday Resort Hotel)

-Tumon Bay, Guam-

with various K staff and meeting participants

Located in the Holiday Resort Hotel…
…Seoul Jung is a Korean restaurant; whereas this part of Guam has around 5 Korean restaurants, this place seems to be the newest/cleanest/slickest.

Mission to the United States, Day 6 (see previously 6.282 Tuna Poke).

In Guam.  Arrived last Saturday morning.  Here to attend WPRO’s annual RCM — hottest event of the year — Monday through today.  Flying back this Saturday.

17 USD (+10% service charge) for a bowl of sundubu jjigae!
Subject to the boss’s approval, I probably would’ve ordered: japchae, haemool pajeon, ojingeo bokkeum, tofu kimchi, and beoseot jeongol as the centerpiece — nothing spectacular, just balanced.

Following the meeting’s wrap this afternoon, we would’ve gathered for a farewell dinner anyway, but today happened to be the boss’s birthday, so the occasion was extra special.

Banchan (2.5)
Youk Hye (2.0) — even though yuk hoe is often cited as one of the country’s most famous, it’s not universally popular; indeed, 1/3 was left untouched on each of the plates.
Wang Kalbi Gui (2.5) — 1 plate for 2 persons; rather than the traditional short-rib cut, each rib was left intact at length, making for a dramatic presentation.
Mini Mool-Naengmyeon (1.0) — typical BBQ restaurant crap (see for example 6.229 Mul Naeng Myeon).

In my quasi-official capacity as restaurant affairs coordinator for K staff at the Regional Office, a role that extends beyond our gatherings in the Philippines, apparently, I’d spent the week scouting potential locations for tonight’s event.  Seoul Jung — discovered by chance while venturing off the beaten path in search of a tattoo* parlor — was later confirmed by the local consulate staff as the best Korean joint in town.  I’d even photographed the menu and designed the meal.

When we arrived at the restaurant, however, a member of the consulate staff took it upon himself to initiate the ordering.  I was glad to be relieved of the responsibility.


The food itself was fine.

But the selection of dishes — raw BEEF appetizer (4 plates), grilled BEEF main (7 plates), finished off with boiled BEEF (14 bowls) — was woefully lacking in variety.


Guam now represents the 25th city among 12 countries outside of Korea where I’ve eaten Korean food (see KOREAN ABROAD).

Yakiniku Ichiban (제일식당) is a Korean Restaurant; yakiniku is essentially Japanized Korean BBQ; the name of the place, presumably to attract Japanese tourists; located along the main strip of Tumon Bay.
Just in case scheduling didn’t work out later in the week, I’d scored a Korean meal immediately upon arrival last Saturday.
Bibibimbap (3.0)

*Got one, to add to my airport collection.

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  1. Why are you starring tattoo* like that? (Is that some kind of code like tattoo parlor* is really Thai massage parlor* or something?)

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