6.291 OJ


23 (Fri) October 2015



by me

in my apartment

-Malate, Manila-


Still haven’t kicked this damn cold.

Hoping a boost of vitamin C — which I get more of on a regular basis anyway — will help.

Shameful waste of pulp/fiber … but what a hassle to peel, and chew.
4 small oranges = 96 pesos (about $2).

2 thoughts on “6.291 OJ

  1. that’s not dinner. i hope you feel better soon. are you sure that oranges are not carcinogens like ham and bacon?

    1. in fact, nutritionists are now looking at fruit juice, even 100% juice, as a contributor to obesity because of high sugar content. although the vitamins etc. seem to make them marginally “healthier” than sodas, the absence of fiber kills the most important benefit.

      as for that damn IARC report…. i happen to have 1 can of spam in my cupboard, which i’m considering to feature in an upcoming post as representing the very last processed meat product that i ever buy, although of course i’d have to allow for one-off exceptions (e.g., a hotdog from a street vendor in NY).

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